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Interview with Entrepreneur Nicole Elmore: “I would not change anything about my decision to move to the US.”

“After a 6 year long journey from Germany to the United States, three culture

shocks, three jobs, one College degree, and five businesses, the “American

Dream” finally feels to be in reach”


Hi Nicole, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nicole Elmore. I am originally from Germany (City: Moenchengladbach) and am a marketing consultant and business writer providing small businesses and start-ups with entrepreneurial insight and useful marketing tips on my blog (


Why did you decide to move to the US?

When I was a young girl, I aspired to once become a writer and author and because I felt I was limited to reach my goals in Germany. So I applied with “EF” for an exchange year in the United States. I ended up in Kentucky. I had a great year, improved my English skills, but unfortunately had to return to Germany after my High School Year.

 Nicole Elmore


Interview with Dr. Adeshola Ezeokoli “I am a citizen of the world.”

Hi Adeshola, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Adeshola Ezeokoli (people call me Shola). I am a Christian and was born in the UK to a Nigerian father and a Guyanese mother. When I was two years old my father moved us back to his home in Nigeria. I grew up there where I went to medical school and moved back to the UK. After three years in the UK, I moved to the US.


Interview with Annette Pfund-de Cavel: “I moved to the US somewhat by accident.”

Hi Annette, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Annette Pfund-de Cavel and I am German. I currently live in Newport, Kentucky and my husband (who is French) owns a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have an 8-year-old daughter and work in the hospitality industry.

Annette Pfund de Cavel

Why did you decide to move to the US?

I moved to the US somewhat by accident. I was a management trainee with Trusthouse Forte and spent 3 months in New York as part of the training program. I returned to Europe (and my boyfriend) with every intention of staying in Europe. However, I received a job offer from one of our New York properties and an 18-month visa. I really enjoyed New York and wanted to see more, so I accepted.


Interview with Jill Schaefer: “I wish for my two memoirs to become best sellers”

Hi Jill, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jill Schaefer, born and raised in London, England, four years before the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

Jill Schaefer mit ihrem ersten Buch

Why did you decide to move to the US?

I first visited the US at age nineteen and spent several years in  California.  I was one of the young women who after the war met up with the  American military men who were based in England.  Having been raised on  Hollywood movies and hearing so many stories of  their homeland,  I longed  to go and find out for myself.   My memoir “Coming of Age in  California -English Style-“ relates my adventures of sailing on the Queen Mary to New York and on to California in 1954.


Interview with Karyn Anjali Mathura-Glubis: “I am launching three new businesses this year!”

Hi Karyn, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Karyn Anjali Mathura-Glubis. I am 40 years old. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago. I live in Tampa, Fl and have been here for the past 9 years. Prior to this, I lived in Blaine, Washington which is right across the border from Vancouver, British Columbia (for 4 years total). Before that I lived in Miami, FL for 7 years and Toronto, Canada for 3 with a short stint in London, England. I lived in these countries initially for school but have settled here to pursue the American Dream.


The American Dream – und die bittere finanzielle Realität (INFOGRAFIK)

Jeder will den amerikanischen Traum leben, und das ist auch gut so. Eine Familie gründen, ein Häuschen besitzen, einen guten und sicheren Arbeitsplatz haben und sich ein oder zweimal im Jahr einen schönen Urlaub leisten können.

Aber das leidige Thema Geld macht vielen einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Wer keins hat, der leiht sich halt welches – mit zum Teil fatalen Folgen, wie inzwischen jedem klar sein sollte.

Mindestens jeder zweite Amerikaner hat Kredit aufgenommen, sei es für ein Auto, ein Haus oder den Lebensstil über den eigenen Verhältnissen – frei nach dem Motto “Keeping up with the Joneses“, um mit den Nachbarn mithalten zu können.

Das „Schulden machen“ ist ein enorm großer Wirtschaftszweig in den USA, der Arbeitsplätze sichert und die Wirtschaft ankurbelt. Aber das böse Erwachen kommt, leider. Diese Grafik veranschaulicht, wie schnell man sich verschuldet hat.